Ultramel or G-Stripe? Which is the better investment?

First things first, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again : In no way am I going to be breeding any time soon. I know how much time and effort goes into a thing like that. At best I may try my hand at breeding sometime starting 2024-25 at best. And at worst, all my little noodles just remain pets. (either way I’d like to think it’s still a win-win situation.)

With that out of the way, my question is the topic title.
I want to get one more morph, and I’m torn between ultramels and G-stripes.
I really love the the ultramels colors, but there’s something about the simple elegance of the G-stripe that calls to me.

My plans would be as followed; if i get G-stripe , it would be as a pair, I’d want to get a male and female. I could breed them to my other snakes for hets and then back to them for countless gorgeous G-stripes! An example breed the male g-stripe to my pastave for hets and if any are male, breed them to the female g-stripe for mojave, pastel, and pastave g-stripes!

If i got the ultramel, although there some things I’d like to do, I’d love to see it in some of the dark morphs I own, I’d think they’d just remain predominantly as a pet. I don’t even want a fancy one, just a nice plain ultramel would make me happy.

One last thing, this isn’t a do or die thing for me, just a if I get this one now, the other is happening much, much later.

So what would your advice be? Which do you like more?
Sorry for the rambling post, I kind just wanted to get my thoughts out there, but I really would like to hear opinions on this.

In either case, have a great day.

Why not get one of each and have a multi generational project, ultimately producing G-Stripe Ultramels…? That way you get the best of both worlds.

That being said, I think G-Stripes get overlooked a lot now that the Super Stripe (Specter YB) is readily available. I don’t know much about the Ultramels, but they are gorgeous.

Just my two cents…

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This is what I would personally do! After coral glow came out ultramel lost a little luster for me personally! Ultimately I would choose the one you would be more happy producing.


This person right here…genius.
That is definitely something I would want to do.
I maybe I might.
But right now, I’m trying to slowly acquire my animals, hence why I’m asking which one would be better to get first.

I understand that, especially since I’ve seen what banana/coral glow lesser combos look like.

But those gorgeous burgundies of the Ultramel…

Like I said, these little guys, are going to be pets before they’ll be breeders. That’s why I’m debating on which to pick up first.

Either morph would be great to start with - whichever you decide to go with first, I would make it a female so she will have time to grow slow and solid.

Good luck!


Thats my answer too. What would give you the most pleasure. And dont take time of getting to your gole into consideration.

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I really should get a more current pic of this guy

And Dale Richards has his brother


You posted them before, they’re the g-stripe acid or static right?
Verry nice.

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From a breeding standpoint, in my humble opinion, Ultramel has more potential for variety in the long-term. It is ultimately up to the keeper to decide which look they will want to see every day. You can’t go wrong with either.

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GStripe Acid Pastel and GStripe SuperPastel Acid

Hope to add some other genes into the mix this coming season