Umbilical still exposed (graphic photos)?

I have a hatchling that still has a small portion of the umbilical/sac hanging out of the belly. It is also slightly swollen in the area as well. I’ve seen a few threads and some searching on hard belly, but non have mentioned anything about the umbilical/sac being exposed and more so to do with the belly being hard and swollen. Also the few vids I’ve watched on hardbelly removal didn’t mention or show it either.

Any advice on this little baby would be much appreciated. If it’s not something to be treated at home and a vet visit is needed then I’ll jump right on it. M

It will usually fall off. With that being said that one doesn’t look the greatest. How long has it been since it hatched? I would keep it on damp paper towels until it sheds.


It hatched roughly 5-6 days ago, I’ve had it on damp paper towels in hopes that it would fall off on its own, but now that the baby has gone into blue and it still hasn’t fallen off I am starting to get quite worried. Also did I do something wrong for my post to have been flagged?

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I’ve never honestly had them not fall off before they shed. I personally would be thinking about taking it to someone who can remove it.

I’ve already planned on calling my herp vet in the morning. Thanks.

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