Under blacklight

Just some fun pics i took of some of my animals under blacklight. Its late, so ill put up some more as well as morphs after, see if you can guess with just the blacklight :slight_smile:


I’ll go out on a limb here and venture that these may be a few snakes?

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Sorry, I just don’t see why you chose to highlight these beasts under this lighting. It’s not like this is the way they view each other, or that we would see ever see them like this under moonlight.

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That paradox ball python looks really neat! Paradox albino?
Also enchi looking one looks like it’s also in shed under the blacklight. Neat pics.

@beheco I personally use blacklight on my ball pythons to help on ID with my BELs because you can sometimes see patterns that don’t normally appear on a white snake. I don’t keep them under blacklight. It’s only for photographing and morph confirmation. I believe this post is just all in fun as well not something op keeps on all the time

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Oh. I didn’t know that extreme artificial lighting bona fides was a thing. It seems to be an odd choice, but to each their own, I suppose.

Its something neat to mix things up. To be clear, that is not their tank lighting, it was a UV flashlight i used to take these pictures and they were only exposed to the light long enough for me tk take the pictures. It is a powerful light and i would not have them under it longer than a few minutes.

There are less intense versions that some people like to use for display purposes, but my electric is high enough, amd i like their natural patterns haha, very few look all that great under blacklight, the darker ones just look dark.

You got one of them, and part of another :slight_smile:
The paradox albino is a chimera, and the enchi one has something else :slight_smile:

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Thats the beauty of this forum, people can do things different to bring joy and conversation to the mix. Many animals look amazing for photos under blacklights, especially some scorpions and coral.

This is cool, thank you for sharing!