Understanding blizzard, ghost and other morphs

i really tried looking this up with google and using different search words but could not find anything to help me. Some morphs i do not understand. what makes a blizzard vs an ivory or a ghost?. what makes a pearl? I think i understand ivory is a super hypo. if someone could give me a break down that would be great. i tried using the traits feature on here but its not very useful.



I won’t be able to help out with much, but these are the only current combo names in morphmarket, as far as I’m aware. This shows you what genes are in these combos.


Thanks I said ghost earlier in my post. I don’t believe that is a morph. My apologies

So what visually makes something a pearl?

And for blizzard and Ivory what visually separates them?


Burmese Pythons For Sale - MorphMarket US & Canada here’s some examples of pearls currently listed on morphmarket. its a hypo that is visually albino, so its going to have albino coloration/red eyes, etc along with being “hypo”.

biggest visual separation here is the albino. you’re going to see red eyes on the blizzard, as its a super hypo albino, meanwhile the ivory is simply just a super hypol


Ivory/Hypo is an incomplete dominant morph, meaning it has a visual heterozygous form (inherited one copy from a parent, Hypo) and a different visual for the homozygous form (inherited two copies, one from each parent, Ivory). Hypo will have less color saturation than a normal burm but still have pattern, where Ivory lightens even further and loses the pattern.

Now Pearl & Blizzard are just Hypo and Ivory with the addition of Albino. Albino removes the darker pigments, so the main difference is that Hypo & Ivory will have dark eyes/pupils, and Pearl & Blizzard will have light irises with red/pink pupils.


So if someone takes an ivory and pairs with an albino there is a chance of producing a pearl or a blizzard?


No, albino is a recessive gene meaning both parents have to carry it in some form for the babies to visually express it. You would only get het albinos if one parent was a visual albino.


I am a burm and retic nerd so lol :joy:

Super hypo = ivory
Super hypo albino = blizzard
Albino hypo = pearl

I’m not terribly familiar with the green combos, but I know there are definitely some

Edit* I missed that everyone else had answered already :upside_down_face:


Welcome to the forum family @gunshowgreg! (great name btw!), and all I can say is kudos to you for trying to learn this morph stuff! As for me, I’m just a keeper, no burms unfortunately.:weary: but I love them! And retics too!

I don’t see how you guys keep all the different morphs and what makes what morph straight actually! I try to read some of these threads and boy do I go lost! But that’s just fine and dandy because as you have already found out, there are plenty of people here who know their stuff! :blush:

Best wishes on whatever project you may be working on and we love reptile pictures! :heart::pray:
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I’m really sorry I’m an idiot. I think I know where I’m confused and I’m sorry for asking but…

What is a hypo albino?

What is albino hypo and what is it a pearl?

And to better clarify. What is a hypo albino vs a hypo het albino. I thought the albino gene can cause color influence on the hypo gene. Like more yellow glow.


When you have both visual albino and hypo in an animal…that combo is called Pearl. To call some thing a Pearl it has to be visual albino and hypo. To put the order of the genes when you put it like albino hypo versus hypo albino does not matter…they are still a Pearl.

Not really. Adding hypo to albino even reduces what the blacks would be even more so than just the Albino by itself.

Maybe this would help you think about it more. Albino is just a color mutation…hypo is both a color and pattern mutation. So if you have an albino Burmese python, the animal will look like an albino, so it will be yellow and lacking its blacks (melanin inhibition). As for hypo…there is less melanin produced, and small variations in the pattern of the animal. So when you stack to mutations as an a combo…Pearl being albino and hypo. The lighting affect of hypo get stacked on that of albinism. This results in a light and less patterned animal then just an albino.


Never label yourself as an idiot for asking a question because there is no idiot/dumb question here. These people have a lot of patient understanding for people who are earnestly trying to learn! :blush:


Oh yeah, I should have added that there is no stupid questions on here. Everyone is welcome and part of the family of keepers that we all make up. So…don’t feel bad or not smart…we are all learning as we go along this journey of life. It is a constant journey to gain and spread the knowledge that we have gotten the privilege to attain from others to the people and the world around us.


First of all sorry for the late reply getting back here. It’s been some weeks.

Second of all thanks for the responses. I think I finally get it now. I was seriously scratching my head trying to understand what these appearances were and how they were created.

Thank you all for spelling that out for me and taking the time to do it.

If I didn’t mention already I have a baby hypo girl that I got this summer. She is het for albino and labby (dad) and mom was a hypo. I got a lot of time ahead of me before I want to start breeding but I was wanting to get an understanding of what genetics I could work with this girl and I thought it be important for me to understand some things. To the untrained eye like myself I found it easy to mix some of these morphs up.

Thanks again