Understanding pattern and color dominance in gargoyle geckos

Hey everyone!!

So I’m diving into looking at the breeding side of gargoyle geckos, and I’m coming up with a couple questions that I’d like some help wrapping my head around.

I have a background in breeding ball pythons, and understand their genetics well. But as I’m looking more into the gargoyle geckos, it reminds me of crested geckos where it might not be so cut and dry straight forward.

For instance, if I took a red stripe, and paired it to a yellow retic, what’s the offspring? Am I going to get a pattern in the middle, with a mix of retic/Stripe? Do you get some retics, some stripes and some in betweens? And as far as colors, are you going to see red, yellow, orange?

I know they’re listed as polygenic, so I’m just trying to make sure I understand. I’m planning to shop for a girl for my boy Gary, I don’t necessarily have intentions to breed them anytime soon, but I’m not closing the door on doing so in the future.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


You should get a nice mix of red or yellow striped / reticulated, depending on parents and so on, some random babs May pop up!
I know a few who breed, and retic x retic seem to make striped too.

I’d personally go for the same as him to get the best babs out, what is he again? :grin:


So he actually is from a pairing of a retic x stripe, from rhachouse. It was an experimental pairing they did for pattern dominance and sex determination. He’s a stripe.

Editing to add, here’s his parents. First pic is dad, second two are mom.

I’ve got my eye on a really pretty yellow retic right now, as I want to try to get more yellow back in him, and looking at his dad I’d say it’s possible, but I wanted to make sure I understood how it worked.


Awwwwww! I love those guys! Especially their size and colors! I hope you have fun with them and great success @nswilkerson1! :heart::blush::+1::pray:


He’s a lovely stripe with some red blotches! So I would personally go red!

But if you don’t then they’ll have pretty babs anyway!

So many pair whatever pattern to a completely different one again.
Babs always end up lovely :face_holding_back_tears: