Unknown genes in a rescued snake

I rescued this little boy from a house where he had been abandoned for dead, he had stuck shed and was so thin we could see his ribs. But he is doing a lot better now, I curious to what genes he might carry would anyone have an idea?

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I believe its a super pastel

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I would have to go with super pastel and some sort of highlighter gene.


I’m going with super fly

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Possible but to me the blushing doesnt seem as intense as it would if fire was involved but there is always variation. Really only one way to know for sure is to breed it to a fire and produce a super.

I’m putting my money on super pastel enchi. The eye stripes merging on the back of the head, butterfly head stamp, and reduced key holes are my reasons for enchi. But never know till you breed. Pretty snake!

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Good job saving that snake! It’s so sad that someone would abandon him. :frowning:

I’d guess super pastel, maybe something more. Whatever he is, he’s gorgeous.