Unknown royal morph

Was wondering if anyone knows what this morph is? Mother was a normal female, father was unknown.


inker morph is with and without pinstripe and all the babies in the clutch have it.


Add up some pics of parents also as someone may be able to help with him! :blush:

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This is the mum.
We dont know what dad was other than pinstripe as she laid eggs after coming here.


I suspect you may just be seeing developmental/incubation effects here. To eliminate that possibility you should try breeding the female again at some point in the future and see if you get a repeat in different looking offspring

I was thinking it looked like a jungle type pattern as well.

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Shes not my snake unfortunately but Iā€™m buying two of the babies to breed together to see if any of the offspring look the same as them or if there is a super form