Unpopular/Underutilized Morphs

I see a lot of morphs that a lot of people don’t pay much attention to. I recently passed on the chance to get a mature Paint female. I still like what some Paint combos can do. I like Huffman and what it does to what I’ve seen. Haven’t seen much for Rainbow combos. Anything you guys are working with on the less popular or undiscovered potential side?


Should of pulled the trigger on the paint :smiley: Another is Hidden gene woma.


I decided to go with a FireFly Ghost 2018 as my first potential breeder. The paint was 11 years old, I was nervous about the keepers as well. There’s actually a Male Paint on the market I would love to have, on the DL. :wink:

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There are definitely not many breeders working with Paint and there is still a lot more potential with that morph.

I can tell you that the two breeders that I know personally that work with paint have done AMAZING things (Mary being one of the two) and in person some of those combos look even BETTER.


This may be a bit biased, but I believe Jolliff Tiger has a lot of potential, there are very few breeders working with it and I’ve only seen it with pied, albino, lavender, and Axanthic, I’m sure there have probably been a few others.


I have one Jolliff Tiger female that I will be working with as soon as she matures. She is het albino and Jolliff Axanthic, but I will be adding a few more genes with her before I am done.


For me bongo & special are the two i have that aren’t used enough imo.

But with Justin’s recent video on specials that may change.


I’m with you 100% on Bongo.

I don’t know if its underrated, but I want to see more Motley combos, or even a single gene.

I think Trick is a hidden little gem certain combos as well.


I would also agree with Bongo being underused. Maybe not unpopular just not a common gene many work with.

I feel Genetic Stripe is very unpopular. And honestly I can’t see why. With so many people who like clean patterns and pattern reducers, GS is one of the best. And I compare it to the retic gene Golden Child, which is very popular and they are both very similar. So I don’t see why it isn’t utilized more often.


Agree 100%. I’m very interested in seeing what Sapphire does in more combos/Clown. I have a Black Pastel possible Sapphire that I’m hoping will prove out in the next few months(breeding to a Mojave who may have something else in her).

Honestly, every gene could be considered underrated. There are soooo many combos that have yet to be made.


That’s great to hear. I’ve already got one clutch hatched out and working on another Jolliff Tiger project.


GStripes and Womas I feel are fairly neglected. I think both of them got overshadowed by, and assumed inferior to, similar morphs


I have a big tiger female in my collection that I only bred once. Produced what I believe to be a Tiger Enchi, kind of a cool looking animal. When it hatched I thought it was a typical Enchi, but now that the animal is a few years old, its obvious that its something else.

I am putting her back into the rotation for the 2020-2021 season but not yet sure what I am going to pair her with. Agreed though, totally an underutilized gene!


I actually like the look of Sable ball pythons. They don’t seem to be very popular, and they look a lot like Chocolate (since they are allelic), but I like the velvety look they can have. I would love to have some in my collection one day.


So with the Joliff Tiger gene is it het or not? I have kinda skipped it bscause I didn’t know what it was.

Sable is one of my favorite genes. I produced quite a few nice sable combos the last couple years.

It’s a incomplete dominate there is a super form.

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I love the special gene. Super special and mystic crystal are two of my favorites.


Definitely agree with the mystic and phantom specials,
I’ve got a big female super phantom pastel YB to go into making some of those after the purple passion het dgs.


Definitely agree there,
Motley has a bit of what I described as a reverse calico effect on clown in terms of whiting out the pattern on the dorsal rather than the sides would love to get that gene.

Trick is also brilliant my only thing is the Compatibility with hurricane.
I want to get some hurricane as I’m all about super forms but if trick proves to have one it’s self that’ll change it up for me.

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