Unresponsive Seller

So I contacted a seller about an animal a week and a half ago and put down a $500 deposit. The seller mentioned that his wife was pregnant and they were going to induce labor a week ago. We had discussed shipping this animal tomorrow Dec. 4 however the weather forecast has changed so I had messaged the seller 4 days ago about changing shipping to Dec.6. I have not gotten a response. I messaged them again earlier this morning and still no response. How should I handle this? I can imagine that their hands may be full with a newborn or something may have gone wrong but without a response I have no idea what is going on.


You said you put down a 500.00 deposit. Have you paid the balance? Do you have any other ways to contact the seller? Phone number email?

Does this seller have great reviews? Is the membership paid for 2023? How long has the seller been associated with MM?

Tbh I would not start to worry just yet. With everything going on with the seller and the season I would bet there is a good reason for the lack of response. I would give it a few more days……

Of course this is easy for me to say because I am not out 500 dollars. I hope things work out for you!:pray:


I know this is a concerning time for you as you have put a good chunk of money forward, but considering the known circumstances, I’d say a grace period is in order here. Give them maybe another 5-7 days to get back in touch. I know it’s hard to know what’s up without being informed, but it’s possible that the seller may be overwhelmed with their current circumstances and their business could possibly be the last thing on their mind. The fact that they informed you of the impending induction means they wanted you aware of the situation, and a good breeder absolutely will not ship an animal without confirming details with the buyer first.

You are covered by MorphMarket’s default store policy. This is the section that would concern your current transaction:


Thanks. I messaged the seller one more time and gave my phone number saying if it’s easier to call or text please do and they did. Thinking this may be resolved.


So glad to hear that you’ve gotten back in contact! Hopefully things are smooth sailing from here on out.