Unusual snake feces --- looks fleshy?

I have a Brooks kingsnake that is eating mice hoppers (frozen/thawed), and in her last two feedings her poop has looked extremely strange. Photo below of the most recent poop for reference. She is still acting normal with no signs of illness, is plenty active with the appetite of a kingsnake. Has anyone seen anything like this before?


First, it’s great that you’re such an attentive keeper!

Next, I don’t really see anything strange there. Sometimes their waste products look more coherent/cohesive than at other times, for want of a better word. The appearance of waste can vary due to temperature, hydration level, prey source or diet, changes in the snake’s water, and many other factors. Unless you note actual mucous, blood, or profuse liquid waste (i. e. diarrhea), there’s no reason to worry if the animal’s waste occasionally seems different.

If you are ever unsure whether you are seeing waste or a regurge, you can put the substance in water. Feces and urates will dissolve with stirring, but a regurge won’t.