Upcoming Reptile Expos


Anyone else going to a reptile expo soon? If so, what are you picking up? I’m going to REXPO, a pretty big reptile expo nearby this weekend, and I’ll be picking up a juvenile male western hognose, as well as some plants and whatever random supplies I see that I wanna get. Not sure what morph of hognose yet. I am very lucky to be this close to a reptile expo of this quality! They always have near TInley levels or rare reptiles!

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That’s cool! I haven’t heard of that one. If it’s not already on the list, you should add it here: Find Reptile Expos Near You (Wiki)

Towards the end of the month, I’ll be going to the Phoenix Reptile Expo. It’s not usually amazing, but it’s decent. I’ll probably just pick up cheap decor and hides. I shouldn’t be bringing any more animals home, but if I see an amazing deal or something, I might be tempted.

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Repticon Dallas – November 20 & 21, 2021

Actually in Grapevine…

Here’s a link https://repticon.com/texas/dallas/

Hope to be there Saturday but may not be til Sunday. Never know what I will buy.

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I missed on the Manchester NH show a month back… I already have the January show on my calendar. Very excited. Feeling the need to shop!

Thank you. I just added that one to the list of upcoming expos

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