Update in Walker

OK, some of you may remember the tiny wild caught Texas Long Nosed snake I almost lost. I just pulled him out for a health check, he is now 15 inches long looking very healthy and tame as any snake I have ever had. He is eating a fuzzy mouse every week and I now keep him in a cage with a double top and a weight. He kinda looks like he is wearing Halloween colors so I though it was time for an updated photo shoot. He would not really hold still though.


That’s a beauty!

Wow, he’s going to be stunning with some size on him. Very pretty!

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He’s adorable! Look at that cute widdle nose! :heart_eyes:

I love those colors. Good looking snake. I recently lost my ball python for a night. It was a terrible feeling. Found him in the tote I use to store his substrate.


Nothing worse than a lost snake! I was really worried when Walker got out cuz he was so small, half the length you see him and and skinny. Plus I had just gotten him started eating. Glad yours turned up so quick and in good health!


Thanks everyone. He was wild caught on a construction site where guys were trying to kill him with hammers, shipped incorrectly, packaged all wrong, lost in the mail for a week and then didn’t eat for a couple of months. Then he escaped far a few days when he was still so small I had little hope of finding him. After all of that to see him doing this well just makes me so happy!