Update on Hope my little surviour

I posted a few weeks ago asking what my baby was. turns out she is a normal. I named her Hope and she is with me to stay. She has slammed 3 meals now and getting her first rat today (I start them on mice then move to rats after 3 meals) she looks great around 80 grams now. She looks perfect not deformed or anything. After all this loss I had with the 2 clutches I invested in Govee temp and humidify gauges. I can see whats going on inside by my phone. It also keeps a record of everything. Inside the box is 90 degrees and 97% humidity with zero fluctuations I have been watching everything for about 2 weeks now. My one egg left is either and orange dream or super orange dream from what I can see through the windows, day 50 is wednesday so we will see


Iā€™m so happy the little one is doing well!
Any updated pics? :blush::heart:


She had a little bit too big of a meal last night. I bumped the heat up some to help. Grr my husband bought the rats. It was just slightly bigger then her. I thought. She is a pretty normal I think