Update on hypo coastal carpet

Its been a bit since ive posted her up, but here are some updated pics! Anyone else got any babies that arent so “baby” anymore?


Such a unique beauty!


Ill have to get some more pics of her in better light haha, she is extremely pretty!


I will admit to not owning any carpets, but from every Hypo I have seen pics of and the few I have seen in person this animal seems to have too much black to be a Hypo…


Its a coastal hypo, they hardly exist. Its produced by and purchased directly from Nick Mutton, the guy that writes the book for carpet pythons haha. With that being said, Hypo is a codom in coastal carpets, and this is the het form, the homo form is called true hypo and has even more of a reduced black pattern :slight_smile:

I know what Hypo is and I am very well acquainted with Nick LOL

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One moment getting better pics for comparison i have a het axanthic rockhampton coastal that will show more accurately what the color should be. Theres some het influence, but not alot.

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All good, i was only saying what i saod because you said you werent familiar with carpets, so far as i know, hypo is recessive in BPs, so i thought it was an important distinction if somebody were ubfamiliar with the breed. No offense meant :).

The former pics are of the hypo, the later are of the het axanthic. On a sidenote, my hypo has a 33% chance of being het axanthic, as one of its parents was a 50% unproven het for axanthic. With her silver eyes, im definitely hoping that pans out. Will take a few years but id love to see what a true hypo axanthic would look like.

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Another side note, it also seems to darken with age, this is here when i first got her. The difference is pretty noticeable.

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No offense taken :+1:t4: And no snake-slander meant on my part, your first pics just really did not look Hypo to my eye. These second set in the sun I can see it more. I said I did not own any carpets, I am pretty familiar with them. Would not say Eric and Owen are my “besties” but we chat frequently enough

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All good, no offense taken here either, it was easy enough to clear up :). Had i not bought from Nick I may have been a bit more concerned, but i felt i couldnt have possibly gotten it from a more accurate source xD.

Its actually good you brought it up, taking my het ax rockhampton out, his eye lids are swolen. I dont see any mites on his body, nor anywhere else, but swollen eyelids usually means mites sucking away. Since he likes to hide, i may not have noticed that before they invaded the snake room!

Now to deal with these pests… picture included in case my assumption is wrong. My only other guess would be severe dehydration, but he is extremely alert and active, and has water available to him.

Any best recommendation for getting rid of the buggers? Ive seen plenty recommended before, but like a dunce, never paid attention because it wasnt actively my problem at the time.

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The first thing I would actually try here is to make sure it is not a stuck spectacle scale. While rare, sometimes they de-adhere during the shed and stay behind which can lead to this kind of thing.

After that, if you can get your hands of a syringe and blunt-tip needle (12-14 gauge would probably be best, larger is okay but I would not go much smaller) and try to gently flush a stream of water “under” the swelling. Given you said he is prone to hiding, it is possible he has managed to rub some fines from the cage media under there and they are causing the swelling.

If neither of those bear fruit then I have always found Steve’s method here to be very good. Only caveat I would put is that, since your animal is still quite small, just do a lightish spray on a rag and use that to wipe down the body. After that do a second very light spray on the corner of the rag and gently wipe the damp corner around the periphery of the eye:

Fair. Ill try those first, as it would seem odd that with how bad his eyes are that they arent everywhere on him or in his tank. It very well could be substrate from hising under his water dish. Thanks for the advice!

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So it concerned me so much how bad his eyes were i did a full collection checkup. I found a couple others that had it a bit, but not as bad. Same thing, no visual on any mites. However, i did notice the ones affected had bone dry substrate! Ive been on the road alot for work, so some of the animals woth the open top tanks had their enclosures dry out. Some were still OK, but others were a desert!

Im thinking since they dont have bathing bowls, that these snakes were drying out despite having plenty access to drinking water.

I have misted all enclosures now, and placed my guy in a 90% humidity tub to see if his condition improves. If my suspicions are right, he should recover quickly in the 90% humidity. I had gotten complacent with checking since they were having perfect sheds and me being on the road, but it makes me feel bad still, as had you not commented, i dont know how long his condition would have gone unnoticed.

So thanks again for the comment! You may have saved his (and my) bacon!

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FOUND ONE! boy was it hard to spot, 100% found a snake mite. Now comes the hard part. I want to scorched earth this. First step, get my isopods out of the snake room ASAP. I dont believe there are any mites in with them, but it is best to remove them before that changes. The issue now becomes i definitely dont have enough tanks to quarantine all my snakes at once. So its going to be a very busy weekend playing the shuffle. Ill need to do really good inspections of each snake and figure out which need treatment, and which the mites havent reached. All bedding for all of them will be replaced regardless.

Ah hell… fury has a mite. That will be fun.

Thats it guys, im burning the snake room to the ground. It was a good run.

On a serious note, i can see which end it started on, gonna work my way from there and cleanse everything, treat all the snakes, wait a week, replace everything again, cleanse them again. See where that gets me.

Its been a good long while, here are some update photos for you all. Took her out to the black walnut for some enrichment and stretchy time :slight_smile:


Lol, im sitting here waiting for her to get a decent amount of free time, and now shes staring at me xD


Got a really good shot :smiley:


Oh definitely make sure to enter that one into the #rotm for next month.