Update! On “Is this Hognose Snake poop Normal?”

My Western Hognose poop again. It as been 10 hours since her last poop. This one looks like this…

Her poop now has urates this time. But also has a speck of blood to it, same color as her last poop. Please tell me if this is something that has to me examined immediately or nothing to worry about.

My last post on her Poop :point_down:

Just some more information,
I got her on 11/10/21. She is a year old. Her previous owner said she was healthy and eats well. She was fed last Saturday, 11/6/21. This is her third time pooping in her new tank. Her first poop looked normal from what I’ve seen. Her second poop looked like this but with no urates. I don’t know if this is a health concern, so if anyone knows please tell me!

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