Update on my little burms

So both of my little burms I purchased from the breeder that let them go before they were established and the albino had it’s first shed, are doing awesome. The granite has now been named Rocky, and my oldest daughter named the albino Fluffy. Fluffy finally had his first shed about 2 weeks after I first posted for help and suggestions on here. He eats like a champ now too. Rocky pounds his meals before I can get them all the way into his tub. Can’t wait to watch these guys grow. Now time to start building some good grow out enclosures for both. If anyone has some plans they wouldn’t mind sharing for some 4x2x2 or 6x2x2 enclosure builds I’d appreciate it.


Those are really good looking, especially the granite. Is the granite gene co-dominant?

Thanks! A Burmese has always been on my snake bucket list. Took me a long time to feel like I was ready to own one, and I ended up with two, lol. I believe it’s a recessive gene, just like albino. I’m not to familiar with Burmese mutations.