Update on my pastel i 'rescued' in some way :)

So, its been a good while since ive been active on here, but i figured id update on how this sweet boy has been <3

I got him with stuck shed all over him, dehydrated, and also underweight. Since then, he’s 4 pounds now give or take from the last time i weighed him, and he’s now 4 feet meaning he’s grown a half foot since i got him! He’s shed 3 times for me now, and he’s absolutely gorg lol. He’s so so sweet, though hes crazy food motivated, lol, but he’s never struck at me! I’ve scared the heck out of this dude at least 3 times on accident, and even then he hasn’t. He’s such a good boy, and seems to like chilling around my shoulders, or just on my arm- also still loves climbing on my laundry basket for some odd reason. He’s a big time escape artist, however, lol. I’m in the process of building him a bioactive 4x2x2 (which is swamp themed ;)) and i hope he loves it because I am loving how its going, lol. Our cats don’t bother him at all, and dont seem at all bothered by him, either. They could care less. I’ve also experienced the dreaded and weirdly loud snake fart now, too :joy: I’ve seen so many people talk about how loud they are but holy MOLY i was not prepared for it. Thought his CHE was blowing up or something… I’ve included some pics of him where you can see the handsome boy. He’s suchhh a good beep, and i absolutely adore him.

order goes from most recent to oldest!!


So glad he is doing well. He certainly looks nice and healthy as well.

Thank you for mentioning the laundry basket. I have a small animal playpen for my bps and if yours likes your laundry basket to crawl around in I am going to give it a try along with some ping pong balls, empty egg cartons and paper towels rolls…


he loves it, its so funny lol. “Can snakes do tricks” i mean mine knows how to flip a laundry basket over, if it counts! :joy: And he likes paper towel rolls, too, lol. I’ve seen those little ‘ball python playgrounds’ on etsy and its veeeeery tempting. He’s madly spoiled.


My mom said I could get a snake if I teach one to do laundry… Does flipping the basket over count? :joy:

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I have been saving paper towel rolls, plastic water bottles and egg cartons to put in it. I am also going to use ping pong balls. Stuff that’s disposable if it gets pooped on. Except for the laundry basket……