Upgrades Causing Over Capacity Errors

Hey all, I just wanted to disseminate some info about the marketplace website’s performance. Namely, the situation when you get the “site is being overrun” and you get the pic of the garter snakes.

In the recent past (since some optimizations we did last fall/winter) until this past month, I would characterize this problem as low enough. That is I’d like it lower but the percent of the time it was causing problems wasn’t too bad.

This past month, we have been doing a lot of maintenance on our site as we increase the resources we are putting into the business. As a result, we have upgrade all of our core software. In many cases we jumped ahead by many years in the versions of software we’re using. This is great and adds a lot of stability in many respects. However, it looks like it has in the short run caused us to regress in performance to where the capacity issue is noticeably worse. Yesterday was a particularly bad day.

We are now shifting our focus from upgrading to improving performance meaning reducing this problem. I just wanted everyone to know that we are aware of an increase in the issue, and we’re actively working to address it. In fact, I expect that after a month or two the site will be running better than ever before. We are now in a position to where we can make some major changes up to and including switching from the platform we’ve been using for many years to something else that’s more robust.

Feel free to ask questions, or just stay tuned!


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