Upgrading my ball python enclosure to a 4x2x2

So my BP needs a new enclosure soon. I know what the recommended size is(4x2x2) so I don’t need any help with that but I have no idea where to look to get one. I’ve looked online and I find some I just want to get it from somewhere reliable. I’m still debating between glass, PVC, or wood I know the pros and cons to each. I have noticed that my BP really likes climbing and being at the top of the enclosure (glass) so I want to be able to give him height, I don’t think I want to do glass again since its really hard to keep the humidity up any advice is greatly appreciated! Edit: I live in Canada so Canadian friendly websites or stores would be greatly appreciated!


Dubia.com makes some really good, very well priced 4x2x2. If you want something a bit more heavy duty, customreptilehabbitats.com make some absolutely amazing enclosures. Blackboxcages.com and apcages.com also make great cages


You might want to check out BoaphilePlastics.com. The enclosures are PVC and completely assembled with whatever accessories you want to add including heat and lighting. Over the years I have purchased 4. They are well made, durable, easy to clean, and hold heat and humidity well.

However they are pricey and the shipping time is usually several months out.

Good luck! :blush: