Urban Camo Project

I have a sandblast Pewter het pied girl I want to breed to make some urban camo combos. The males I have available for her are a black pastel pied, a cinnamon pied or a normal pied.

Thoughts on this? Which do you think would be the best option?


Who better to ask for some inspiration here than @osbornereptiles :wink:


Totally agree with @eaglereptiles. @osbornereptiles discovered the sandblAst trait. He has made so many absolute :fuelpump: combos! I’ve seen quite a few off them in person at shows over the years. And they look even better in person!!!


Nowadays, breeding cinnamon x black pastel or cinnamon x cinnamon is generally frowned upon, because of the risk of severe kinking. So, from that perspective, the normal pied may be the best choice. If you choose to go with one of the other males, be prepared for the possibility that you may have to euthanize a severely deformed hatchling. Not saying this will definitely happen, but it could.