URGENT are these eggs fertile?

I bought this gecko from a breeder who bred her this year and she had just laid clutches before shipping and she laid eggs this morning. I wasn’t expecting eggs and I candled them but it was all yellow and squishy no veins so I assumed infertile but now I’m reading to give them a few days but I had already rolled them after I thought they were infertile. I re-buried them in her laybox because I don’t have an incubator but i’m taking them out again for photos. Please help! If they could be fertile I’ll have to buy an incubator which is fine with me but I’ll need to do it asap because her lay box is heated but not the correct egg temperatures so I’ll have to immediately buy an incu. Link to vid to show squishyness https://youtu.be/ms-svXiWLns

Update: In the picture they aren’t in a permanent container but the one i ordered hasn’t come in yet so I’ll move them soon :slight_smile: still no signs of veins but with the increased humidity they got a bit firmer :slight_smile: they are pretty solid now and the pic in the post is as clean as I can get them which sucks because I think the amniotic fluid permanently bound the eggs to the dirt in the lay box and I don’t want to risk harming the eggs by rubbing it off since i’ve heard it has anti-fungal properties. The incubator arrived and I have them in there at 30 degrees Celsius because sadly it can’t go lower for a 100% female chance but I’m fine with a small chance for males. So excited!!! The rest of the incubation setup will arrive by tomorrow including an egg case and perlite.

Update 2: are the eggs supposed to have a slight odor? Not necessarily a rotting smell but it’s a bit odd. Thoughts?

Update 3: The stubbier egg in the picture has begun to produce a bad odor and the water that it sweats is yellowish. I assume it is dead but because it is still firm, I put it on the opposite end of the egg box and washed the box to prevent mold. No signs of veins yet but the longer egg has no smell and is quite firm.

It is difficult to tell with that much dirt stuck to them but the one you showed in the video looked fertile to me. They are very soft when first laid so being squishy is normal. You will want to candle them to see if there is an embryo attached to the shell and keep that pointed upward. The picture below is a fertile egg that has a large target pattern of veins visible around the embryo. The ring can be a lot smaller than that though, a lot of my eggs have rings about the size of a finger nail.


They look viable to me, it can take up to 2 weeks to start seeing pink coloration inside the egg. If they are non-viable they will sweat and start to get mold after about a week. I’m anxious to see how this turns out, it would be quite the bonus for you :+1::lizard:


When candled, it is all yellow. I couldn’t candle in the video and they still had dirt on them even after washing but i obv dont want to scrub them and risk harming them. They were laid yesterday morning but I’ve heard they can take a few days to produce veins so i’m gonna try and incubate them anyways. I was definitely not expecting eggs because it was her first year breeding and she is only a year old but she has produced TWELVE eggs for us now. Crazy!

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