**URGENT** Corn snake help

So I’m super concerned, I handle my (now 9 month old) corn snake every day, this morning when I went to handle him he is VERY limp, very small tongue flicks and seems to have no balance (his head is spinning, think terrible example of a spider ball python)
I don’t want to lose him and I’m not sure what could have caused it :confused: his hot spot is at 90%. He has coco fiber as a substrate and a water bowl he soaks in. He has been eating fine and shed about a week ago so this seems very random

So the closest reptile vet is 4 hours away, and I have previously been turned away by all the local vets… is there anything I can try?

Regrettably, nothing that I know of without veterinarian input.

If you don’t have a nearby vet you might be able to find one here:

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Thank you very much! I was actually able to find someone locally that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else online! I am bringing him in


Great! Hopefully it goes well.

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So the vet said that he looks great and there is nothing wrong with him other than a slight dehydration. Could a slight dehydration caused these issues?

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I doubt that it would but it could be. It might have just been a one-time thing, I would just start paying attention and see if it happens again. @solarserpents might have some advice.

Honestly, I’ve seen the exact symptoms you are describing, in snakes that were neurologically damaged by overheating. If this turns out to be the case, the only thing you can do is correct the temperatures and hope your snake recovers on it’s own. For reference, no part of a Corn Snake’s enclosure should really exceed 85 degrees.


This is what I was thinking. They can go a little hotter than 85 for a hot spot (I do 87 for mine), but they absolutely need to be able to move away from the heat.

Has he had any regurges? How long have you had him? Do you own any other snakes? Are you controlling his temps with a thermostat? And what is his source of heat? How was his last shed?

Can you post a picture of him? Severe dehydration can cause neurological issues, but as long as he has easy access to a water bowl and isn’t being overheated, he shouldn’t get dehydrated.

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I’ve had him for about 4 months, he has never regurgitated (since I’ve had him atleast)
His last shed was all in one piece (about a week ago)
His heat source is a heat mat set at 90% with a thermostat (I will be lowering it)
I’ll post pictures of him when I get him back from the vet here shortly
He also always has access to a water bowl

Well that is definitely very odd. Can you also post a picture of his enclosure? Does he have any resinous woods in with him or do you use any essential oils? Any pest control sprayed inside your house?

Weird quick question… could reptisafe in his water cause issues? That would have been the only chemical he’s been exposed to

I’ve used reptisafe in all my snake’s water bowls for at least a year now, and have had no issues. How much of it have you been putting in his water? How big is the water dish?

Honestly, I’ve never used a water conditioner for my snakes, but I’ve also never heard of anyone having issues with it. Is it expired or anything?

This is him now… still holding his head weird but much better

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Hmm, well, sorry I don’t have more advice to offer. Visually, he doesn’t look dehydrated. Hopefully it was just some fluke and it doesn’t happen again. Generally when a snake goes limp, they’re on death’s door, so I’m actually surprised that he came out of it.

I’m VERY surprised as well… I’ll definitely keep updated as his health (hopefully) improves… it doesn’t (let’s home not)

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Yes, please keep us updated. Good luck!

Unfortunately he didn’t make it :frowning: