Urgent - ID help (African fat tail)

Little one is listed as a Striped Albino Tangerine African fat tail. I don’t know much about these guys but am interested in getting started up with them, does ID look correct for this one?

Is $170 a fair price?

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I would say that it is definitely an Amel (Albino) and borderline as to whether I’d call it a Tangerine, but it is young and may develop more color later. The price seems fair to me.


Thank you so much!

I’d recommend asking to see the parents, so you can gauge the potential color.


Amels are more ‘pink’ only.
So I’d assume yes to the tangerine.

I can’t wait for eggs from my pair of striped amels! Eventually my whiteout Zulu ‘white socks’ het Oreo will be adding into the equation for eventual whiteout amels/whiteout Zulu amels and whiteout Zulu oreo amels.
Years down the line this will be but exciting!

Fattys are amazing animals!
Keep us updated! :blush: