USARK Auction possible?

I was wondering with the current auction for the reptile relief, if it was possible for the MM community to hold an auction for USARK.
One where the proceeds would go to USARK to help the fight against the increasing laws and regulations set on our hobby.
I’d be happy to help organize this and I think it could send a good message across the hobby to realize donating to USARK is a must for us. @john, @eaglereptiles, @t_h_wyman, @saleengrinch do any of you guys think this could be a possibility in the near future?


I am absolutely open to hosting USARK Auctions.

I’d like to hold off for the moment on organizing the auction ourselves. I know several others who have been talking about doing auctions. I feel like there needs to be some consensus to build a really large auction similar to what NARCB was doing before to generate significant proceeds and that takes a lot of organization.

I will raise the subject with Phil and some others in the coming weeks.


Awesome John! Thanks so much for considering this. You need any help with anything, if MM gets to the auction stage, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Call me a dumb Canadian but what is USARK?

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United States Association of Reptile Keepers.