USARK Florida Speaks Out Against "Holy Thursday Massacre"



Ok…Im over the killing of Big Shirl being labeled as a " Mistake "…FWC requires cages to be labeled with the species kept on the cages…but they cant look @ them twice…without a vet on site… Nope. Nope. Negligence

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Why are there No charges still…FWC…didnt follow their own quotes for "euthanasia " they killed them…in humanely…all of them…according to thier own website. & did not read …what they require…on the cage. Omg…not 2day Satan


Each officer should pay out of their own pocket not the tax payers pocket. They should all receive unpaid disciplinary. They main guy should be arrested. There should be charges against fwc for not communicating with the owner when contacted about rehomeing, getting an extension, being grandfathered in… way too many other options than to inhumanly kill 35+ animals. All officers that used the “kill weapon” should be fined for using without proper training and execution.