USARK Membership Status Badges in Buyer Profiles

Took a scan through the topics & did not see this so if it exists somewhere by all means someone point to it & apologizes for the new post.

I don’t know how many sellers do this the same but one thing that is “habit” for myself is viewing profiles anytime when dealing with inquiries. This especially just gets taken into account with the oddly consistent type message such as “What an amazing animal, I must have” or “I would love to have this, are you firm on the price” then after the response in many regards it seems like there is no follow-up. Those commonly have a New User status with one or two log ins oddly :person_shrugging:

In additional, whether it is a first time log in to a seasoned account if the first message out of the gate is all and all will you take 50% of the list price then one thing I want to start knowing at this point, who supports USARK. But further more not someone to say they bought a $10 ticket at Tinley to sit in the room & hang or even if they did bid once on a tray of cupcakes (though they are good). Rather who is a member because at the end of the day membership is what matters, numbers vs the dollars raised.

Everyone has had a tough year for sure & this year alot of deals with probably cut with the way the economy has been, people that got in during the stimulus craze now are cashing out, buyers know this & why not jump on slow down on sales. What personally I’d like to see is an ease in identifying who is a member & who isn’t no different that a buyer’s account because perhaps going forward my model would be geared towards discounts & offerings to members first.

There are plenty of sellers still on the platform that don’t have a membership, does that mean don’t buy from them; not exactly so would I say to a buyer you’re not a member so you don’t get a deal, not exactly but I do think it has some weight to it.

Just my two cents perhaps,

Thanks all


Thank you for the great thoughts here.

We do have plans to update the entire Buyer Profile, which would include badges such as USARK support and a lot more identity in general.

… I’m heading out the door soon so I’ve bookmarked to come back to this later today :blush:


I can’t wait until this update! I have been wanting this!


So what sort of things do we want to see on a buyer’s profile, thinking both as a buyer and a seller?

Badges - the numbers are examples for now.

  • Usark
  • Left 10/50/100 ratings
  • 10/50/100 Ratings by sellers
    … lets here some ideas…

Social media links
Buyer history rating
Testimonials (featured ratings)
Posts from MRC


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I am loving these! Maybe like how we have for the sellers, could it be possible to see the buyers ratings? I think this would encourage people to leave ratings also.

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