Used Reptile Cages and Equipment Classifieds?

This may have already been mentioned but I was curious if there’s been any consideration for a used cages/equipment sub-section in the marketplace? With increasingly long wait times for new cages I figured used items might be of interest.


You know, I never considered this before, but with as much time as I spend looking at things like that, I definitely second this, this is a great idea!


A section like that would intrigue me. Currently, CraigsList is the best option…


I think a dry goods section would be a great addition for both buyers and sellers. A lot of sellers are physical stores that stock more than animals.

As of right now, we’re a very specific platform for buying and selling animals and we are working to improve as many areas of that as possible, but we have discussed in detail about the possibility of creating a dry good (enclosures, equipment, substrates…) category in the future. Whether that will have a “used” section or not I don’t believe we have talked about.


thanks for the awesome information.


I think MorphMarket should definitely expand to be a platform for buying and selling enclosures, substrate, feeders and bioactive supplies/insects. Seems like a no brainer to me! I hope something is in the works


thanks for the awesome information.

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I am not sure I would use it, but it does seem that it would be worth a try. Just have an option for “dry goods” and sub sections under it, food, cages, bedding. It may help the smaller sellers and also help buyers that have limited access.
The one thing I would be concerned about, that might end up like a Craigslist. And I believe this will ruin what you currently have. It would probably have to be limited to sellers that also have the animals for sale they are selling supplies for.


I am feinding for that used equipment/dry goods section.