Using hatchrite as incubation media

Hi everyone! I really just have a simple question.
I know a lot of people use perlite or vermiculite as incubation media, then add water. I have hatch rite on hand. The instructions say adding water is not necessary.
Has anyone just used hatchrite (without water) and had success with their BP eggs? I’d rather ask you knowledgeable people, to be safe.
Thanks for any response! Greatly appreciated!

Well hatchrite is just some high price perlite really, and in ny experience even if it says no need to add water you always end up having to do so.

You can usually get a HUGE bag of perlite at nurseries or home depot for about $15/$20, it will last you a good while if you don’t hatch too many clutches.


Good to know, thank you!!!

I use hatchrite all the time. It’s simple just pour and go. It’s perlite with water crystal mixed into it. Use it for corn’s mostly.

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I have used it numerous times in the past. And I have never had an issue works well. Main drawback for me is the cost.

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Thank you for the input!

Thanks for your opinion!

Yes, Hatchrite is more than just “expensive perlite” and contains a water gel/isomer that allows for no mixing or guesswork and can be used for extensive incubation periods with little to no maintenance (if your egg boxes are set up right). You can also buy it in bulk to minimize the cost somewhat or attempt to replicate the product with your own water crystals…


I buy the breeder bags. It’s a plain plastic bag with no branding on it it’s a lot cheaper go through about 6-7 bags a season of it.

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Another thing that came to mind when using Hatchrite this year… one big advantage is it’s completely dust free to set up - unlike starting with dry Perlite and mixing your own.

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I’ve used vermiculite and perlite with great success using both. This year we wanted to try using hatch rite and it worked perfectly. I use Rubbermaid shoe boxes with glad press and seal with no holes in the bins. Honestly to each their own all 3 work great.

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Thanks so much to everyone that has replied. I put my first clutch of 10 in the incubator on it!