Vanilla Cream or Super Vanilla trick?

From my mating: Vanilla Trick X Vanilla this animal was there. Is it Super Vanilla Trick or Vanilla Cream? Then she would have saved from last year’s Fire YB. There were two of them in the clutch, Vanilla Trick, Trick us Clasic. No Fire.


If there was no Fire in the pairing how could it be Vanilla Cream? Just wondering! Looks like a super vanilla trick to me, pretty!

I think he is wondering about the possibility that last years pairing (male had Fire) had retained sperm in this season. Apparently this is rare, but possible.


I have the suspicion that it is super vanilla trick, because in the clutch no fire or other combo with fire was only 3x this bright animal. Can Trick change the Super Vanilla that way?

Ah, I missed that part! Still looks more like a super vanilla combo than vanilla cream IMO!

That doesn’t look like a super vanilla to me at all. I would say cream all the way imo. Very very nice! I have never seen trick alter a pattern that much. IMO trick really works with the black pastel complex other stuff not as much. But I don’t work with trick bUt I do work a lot with the vanilla gene.