VE racks - Work tables

For those of you using the VE racks. So VE-6 and super 70 racks.

Do any of you use the extra work shelf that they sell to put in between stacked racks?

Or the super 70 version:

Just wondering how useful they are? Seems like they’re compatible to what FB does with the pull out shelf? I’ve got a stack of ve-6’s and soon to be super 70’s, and think I may order them.

Looking for other opinions on usefulness


In a stack of 2 it works great, I don’t use it as much as I thought I might. If you have them stacked 3 high the lower one will stick to the point of not being able to slide it in initially. I suspect if you were able to slide in even the thinnest of spacers between the bottom 2 that would probably solve the problem but I bought them for loaded up racks. I also suspect they would work on a 3 stack of empty racks but once you put animals in it might stick. This is on the VE-6’s, I havent tried it on the 70’s.