Velvet spider stopped moving?!?

Hi guys, I don’t know how many spider keepers there are here but my velvet spider stopped moving out of nowhere. It was doing great for so long then it felt like it crashed out of nowhere and I found it on its back. It’s been a couple days to about a week since it stopped moving and I’m pretty confident it’s dead, but I’d love to be delusional enough to believe I can save it. This is what it currently looks like I brought it out and put it on some paper towel to get some good pics. If I thought it was molting I wouldn’t ever attempt this but it’s been on its back for so long that I dont know what to do. I love this spider so much. If it’s truly gone I’ll probably attempt to preserve it somehow. If anyone has had experience with velvet spiders randomly dying or perhaps going into a coma lmao pls let me know what you think.


Do you know how old it is or if it’s a male or female? Males only live 1 to 2 years….

I am so sorry this has happened! :cry:

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I have no idea if its a male or female. i was kind of convinced it was a female, but I could be very wrong. I’ve had her for over a year now. If it is a boy, having it die of old age makes me feel a lot better than it being a female and me feeling like I could have prevented this. If it is a boy I should probably change the name lmao I’ve been calling it Dahlia after the black Dahlia. I also don’t know what specific species it is.


To be honest little spiders like jumpers, velvets, etc., are in reality quite fragile, imho, even with the best of care. If yours was in fact a male, then maybe it was just his time.

I know it hurts to lose a pet, even a tiny little spider, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control.

You can give him a proper burial and grieve a bit for him. Then when you are ready you can always “adopt” another one.

One of my arachnid collection is a cute tiny little crab spider that I found in my garage! You should look around! You never know what you might find! :wink:

Again, I am so sorry :disappointed::heart:

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thank you for your kind words. I have a small collection of tarantula slings and I started to get into spiders to get over my fear of them and I’ve grown so attached. I definitely need a whole army of velvet spiders they’re my absolute favorite so far. I’m so obsessed with these little creatures.

I just googled what a crab spider is and that’s so cool that you found one in your garage!!! They’re like little pokemon spiders :slight_smile:


Yes I too have a collection of T’s as well as 3 jumpers, a dune scorpion and a fuzzy sun spider and of course the little crab spider. I know how attached you can get but I suppose losing them to natural causes is part of keeping them. I lost a pink toe T not too long ago and it took me at least a week before I could bury him under a tree outside my bedroom window……

Take care and again, don’t blame yourself! :heart::pray: