Vendor table inspiration

Does anyone have any ideas for unique reptile expo vendor displays? I’m gonna be vending for the first time next summer(In case anyone’s wondering, I’ll be selling hognose snakes), and I want my display to stand out.


i would say to do like a cup holder kind of thing for your deli cups to go so it can help your snakes feel more secure

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How big of a show is it going to be? Do you want simple acrylic boxes/deli cups or a large display piece?

Usually around 130 vendors, and I want it to be enough of a display to grab people’s attention.

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How big of a space do you have to work with? I would create a vertical display piece that represents their native habitat with display tanks inside, if you didn’t want to do all that you could make a banner or flag with a business name or picture on it.

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An 8’ x 4’ table. Also, great idea!


This is what my set up looked like at our last expo. I really like the displays I opted for, it’s 2 layers of protection from theft and I don’t have to remove the snake to transfer them to a deli cup.

Jeez, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I last vended!


I think I’m gonna go for a bit of a rustic, old west type vibe. It’ll look great, be attention grabbing, and relate to the hognose snake’s natural habitat.

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Gun slinging hoggies!



There’s the mean sheriff lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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