Venomous animals

Does any body own or work with any venomous animals?

If so what are they and how do you go about their care are your own?

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Technically I have the California Lyre snakes, but i dont really count them as venomous even if they are mildly so.


He has a lovely zig zag pattern.
Do you work with them purely for research or do you breed them?
Have you ever had to deal with a bite from one?

Thank you for sharing :grin::+1:

These are my first ones. I got the pair from a friend of a friend. I hope to breed one day and I hope to have them calm enough to not worry about a bite by the time they are grown lol. They are very interesting to watch feed though. They both chew and constrict. There is some debate on whether it’s actual construction or just an effort to control the prey, but given that their wild diet consist of small birds, rodents, and lizards alike I think it’s likely to be true construction even if it’s not very strong.

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I take it that friend of a friend got bitten one time too many :joy: I will have to go and find a video of them eating, they sound like a interesting species. Do you feed them lizards or just stick to rodents as you have them available?

I’m trying to keep them to rodents as lizards small enough for them are next to impossible for me to get.

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I have some asian vine snakes which are mild snakes and are recommended to be treated as “hot snakes” because although they have never killed a person there is always the possibility of a allergic reaction. I myself keep these animals strictly as display animals because they also dont have the best temperment and I just want to avoid getting bit altogether.


My wife went through a major phase with Asian vine snakes a while back, I still don’t think she would let me have one in the house. That’s what extra long feeding tongs are for :wink: I think I’d die of panic before I could find out if I’m allergic :joy:

Do you have and pictures?


Will try and put up some pics later today, they are pretty hard to photograph without taking them out. And yeah believe me I have to use the extra long feeding tongs lol. Even though they are undoubtedly beautiful they are just A-holes 99% of the time when I feed them but they are always going to be among my favorites just because of their looks.


You get double point for pictures of you holding them :joy:. Really though, don’t do that, that’s a bad idea :joy:

If you ever manage to get a video of them eating make sure to send me a link to it, I would love to watch both yours and the snakes reaction to feeding time :grin::grin::+1:


Will for sure do that! (Not the handling part tho lol)

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Due my country laws I can’t keep any venomous reptile but I would like to see yours!!! share picks of them!!!

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I don’t have, nor will I. But pics of other people’s would be great :+1:


yeah true :slight_smile:

The closest thing I have to “venomous” are my hognoses :joy: even though they’re not truly venomous, the times I’ve been bit by Mocha caused slight itchiness and swelling.
If I ever kept anything actually venomous, I’d probably opt for a copperhead. At least if I got bit, I’d be unlikely to die from it.

Here’s my hognoses though!
Mocha is my normal green phase female, Mango is my albino male, Scarlet is my normal het albino female from Mango x Mocha, and lastly there’s Sunfire, my albino superconda female.


I know this is an old thread but I thought it would be cool to see if we can get it going. I have a few hots in my collection.

CB Western Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostom)

Angolan Cape Cobra (Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi)

CB Canebrake Rattlesnake (crotalus horridus atricaudatus) ( I am not letting a DNA test discredit a subspecies)
That is just a few i though some might enjoy seeing.


I would like to work with European vipers

I hoping to add some tree vipers to my collection in October if the Humburg show doesn’t get canceled.

I’ve been considering some mild hot snakes like Asian vine snakes which I used to have or anything similar. I have been looking forward to two big local shows here in California. would be ashamed if any get cancelled

They are very cool and active. I highly recommend a good safety protocol ( wich includes not free handling them) for any rear fanged snake. Certain people can have bad reactions to even mild venom.

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