Hope this type of question is allowed in the forums. Anybody know who produces the best Cape Gopher snakes in the country? Is Patrick Briggs still around? Tim and Vivid? Looking for high orange/purple animals. Preferably somebody on MorphMarket. Thanks in advance for any leads–Walt Deptula


I don’t have any recommendations for a breeder but if you are on FB, I would suggest checking out the Pituophis Enthusiasts or Pine, Gopher, Bullsnake groups. I know there are some members of those groups working with vertebralis that may have what you are looking for or can point you in the right direction. Good luck!

Thanks! I’ll try that.

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I was lucky enough to grab a baby in 2017 as my first snake, not even realizing what I got was considered hard to find. I am so upset with myself for not keeping the information about who he came from stored somewhere, but as he was my first reptile it never occurred to me I would possibly want to breed him. Ive tried to go through records but just cant find the receipt of where he came from, and while I know inbreeding reptiles is not the worst, I do know this particular species is already rather inbred and could lead to issues. That said while he is a bit flighty and ofc hissy, ive yet to get a bite from him (others have not been so lucky) and feel hes a pretty good specimen from the limited info Ive been able to find on them.

All that to say, if you find a breeder who has got plans for a clutch sometime soon I would be very interested to hear about it (or I suppose if they have need of an extra male for a season, I am not above from snake-pimping)

Thanks for the response, I’ll let you know if I find a source.