Vertical or horizontal tank? Blue Beauty Rat Snake

Hey everyone,
I’m building a new tank for my Blue Beauty Rat snake. They are semi-arboreal and love to climb. I’m debating on upgrading him to a vertical tank with tons of climbing branches because I read somewhere to go tall, or if I should just go with a standard horizontal tank. Either way they’ll be bioactive! Here’s a picture of him just for fun.
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I would definitely go tall with some climbing branches, if possible maybe a large rock like formation that would mimic the cave like environments they come from? I would love to see the finished product when it’s done since I hope to one day keep rat snakes again when I have the time, budget, and space.


Beautiful snake! I don’t have or have never had a rat snake but if they are semi arboreal I would go tall too.

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I’ve not kept this species, but I did used to know one that would make constant efforts to slowly ingest my forearms, every time I handled her. My friend’s other snakes never had an issue, but she only ever tried to eat me, haha!

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I personally would go with an enclosure that is longer in proportion but definitely has some highness to it. And because they are super active animals it won’t be small either. Probably 6x2x4, would be what I would want. I know there it a lot of conflicting information on these as I was looking at getting one in the next 5 years.


I have a a vertical for my GP Rat baby, he loves it. Although he likes his hides i more often see him in the branches or on the climbing structures ive provided. Pic of his current setup, tiny in comparison to the tank he will have when he grows a bit more