Very clean whiteout fat tail

Nice clean looking whiteout probably het Oreo patternless. Could even be an Oreo whiteout.

Still debating :joy:.


I’m not going to want to let my babies go… they will be double hets and hoping to keep back a female and a male. But I mean… tiny fatties are just so perfect 🥲
Although my huge male is the fav :shushing_face: don’t tell the other 2 haha.

Do you use a lay box for laying? I’ve put one in as my females been a weirdo and seems to have taken to one of the moist hides :sweat_smile:
So hoping that’s a good sign atleast!
But hoping a lay box will be the best option for when they start laying if Grandpa has had his way anyway!

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I personally only offer one humid hide / lay box. And I just keep an eye on the female I can usually guesstimate on when she’s going to lay so I can get to the goodies extra fast.

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