Very green baby carpet python

Got a baby carpet python A week ago.
Notice this very green poop in his cage
Anyone else see this before


Welcome to the forum @dodgelevin1 Sorry your first post is concerning an issue but you certainly came to the right place for advice.

I believe the green indicates something to do with the liver but I am not an expert on snake poop. Assuming you have an exotic reptile vet lined up and assuming you have kept the poop, I would run it by your vet clinic to have it analyzed.

I am also tagging @noodlehaus and @solarserpents to get their input as they are a lot more knowledgeable about this subject. If I am remembering correctly someone else posted a similar issue not too very long ago……

Good luck and we will see what Jess and Olivia say! :blush:


How young? Has it eaten yet? If so what prey item?


I had a carpet python die last week, and it had a very similar looking poop right before it died and two days before. I’d consider taking yours to the vet

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Welcome to the forum and I am so sorry for your loss. Are you going to have a necropsy done? I’m thinking the green poop might be liver related?

Again I’m so sorry! That’s a terrible way to start a new year! :pray::disappointed:

@dodgelevin1 Any update on your python?