Very happy with my latest addition, ultramel has so much potential


That is gorgeous :snake::revolving_hearts: what were you thinking about doing with it? I am thinking my next move what to get, and options are overwhelming :sweat_smile:

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Thank you!
Got a few ideas at the moment but she’s at 180g atm so a long way to go.

Looking to go black pastel yellowbelly calico ultramel I think that would look amazing.

For the other approach a vanilla cream calico ultramel would look excellent but that’s a long term goal.

What are you thinking for your next project?


My first project :see_no_evil: I have been only here 9 months, so still learning. That black pastel calico though sounds nice :gift_heart: (Im so Black and White -person​:smile:)

One thing that I have learned, this hobby really takes Time :sweat_smile: Did post to here If someone could give some ideas what to get for pairing my snakes…


And that calico pattern thought would make nice twist to that snake also.

Awesome little ultrameI, I think this mutation has a ton of untapped potential. Congrats on the pick up!

It definitely does take a lot of time from what I can see!

But it’s worth it to find those projects that you can develop its always interesting to see how different people’s collections take different direction.

I agree, this is a very low expression calico ultra but I think if I get it to enchi, special or black pastel ultra it will really bring it out.

It does seem to have went under the radar a little with lavender exploding but I think this will make its mark soon.

Taken its first meal for me this week


Big fan of ultramel would like more people to use it instead of caramel for sure!

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Definitely agree it has all of the upside visually without the kinking,

I’m trying to find something to bring some flaming into the sides I’m thinking OD, special to enhance it.

She’s a very low expression calico

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By far my favorite morph, just look at those colors! My current long-term goal is to make an ultramel spider clown; I’d really love to see the spider clown pattern with the ultramel color, especially one with a really neat head stamp. But plain ol’ ultramel is fine with me too.