Very Nice Pastel Leopard Ivory 66% pied

This guy just had his first shed. I am continually impressed by the leopard ivory combo. It has so much variability to pattern and color. I am also starting to believe this combo allows a fair amount of influence from any Hets it may carry.


Thanks you!!!

That’s a really awesome snake!


Thanks so much!!! He’s a little tank. Hahah

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Thanks! I really like how they turned out. Some serious power in this animal for sure.

Leopard ivory combos are amazing! Super nice snake!

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Any chance you could show us some more examples of the het showing through. If your right and it does, it’s something I’d be extremely interested in looking into.

I’ve found that only a few recessive hets show visually. But they don’t always prove true. Always a crap shoot.

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