Very Odd Girl

I was recently at an expo and stumbled on a reptile rescue table. This girl was marked as a normal. She’s at 1438g as of last week. She had a hellish life before she was rescued, and now I have her in a good home. Her coloration is what struck me at first. Any ideas on what she is? I’ve been told about 20 things from different breeders.

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I’m not too sure so I could be wrong but it may be a very oddly patterned pastel or a dinker. If she is a dinker than I would definitely try to prove the gene out

I know regulars comes in a wide variety but it seems really dark to me

I’m going to try to pair her up this year for sure!

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Ok, so to me it looks as though she may have had some previous severely stuck shed and probably took off some layers of pigmentation on the scales. Pastels are fairly easy to pick out they have green eyes.


Can stuck shed really take off that much pigment? Does it depend how bad the stuck shed is?

Yes depending on how bad and how many layers of stuck shed it can. The more layers the longer they are left on the more damage it can do when finally allowed to come off properly.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the stuck shed was what caused the color loss. I’ve never personally seen this before though, so I couldn’t say for sure either way. She has several scars on her body from whoever had her first.

I’m definitely seeing the het pied tracks on the belly. Kinda wonder if there isn’t some yellow belly or gravel in there with the wires pixelation. I really don’t think it’s all from stuck shed. If you’ve got a yellow belly or gravel pied I’d for sure try that out on her.

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Looks like a yellow belly to me but I’m not an expert