Vets in Manchester

Hi I’m new to the site. Sorry if this isn’t allowed

Just wondering if anyone in the Manchester area know of any vets that will take a look at Clyde. The vets I’ve asked have said no. Thank you in advance

What Manchester are we talking about here? Pretty sure there are many Manchesters in the US and at least one in the UK.

Manchester UK forgot there’s one in us.

After a quick search on google the closest one I could find is 3 hours away down in Swindon. You might be able to find one closer, but I am not sure since I am in the US. Try searching “exotic vet near me” in google. Or “exotics vet in UK”.

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here’s one

search for more here

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Hi, fellow Mancunian here :wave:

If your anywhere near Chorlton then this should help you out … website.

The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic at Ashleigh Veterinary Centre

Aidan holds advanced qualifications in the medicine and surgery of exotic species. In addition Aidan is a chartered biologist. Over the years they have built up a huge wealth of experience in the care and treatment of exotic species.

Do you know how much the fee is to see the vet.

That would depend on what type of visit you would like.
A check up is going to cost a lot less than viral/bacteria tests.

Your best bet would be to call them and ask for a video consultation, they will help you work out what is best for your needs.

Thank you I’ll phone them in the morning and get a video consultation

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No problem at all.

Welcome to the forum by the way :blush:

Thank you I’m all new to this I’m getting my fifth ball python tomorrow. :slight_smile: x

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