Visual difference between Hybino and Albino Hognose

Is there a visual difference between a visual double recessive Hybino aka Sunglow (Evans Hypo/Albino) and a straight up Albino? Since the Hypo is a tyrosine positive form of albinism wouldn’t the Albino gene trump the visual appearance and express itself as tyrosine negative true albinism or do the genes interact and express in a unique way that is identifiable? Basically….if I breed for them using hets how would I tell them apart, the hybino from the albino?

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I had a very long conversation on the hognose FB group about this with a breeder from Germany (Stefan, cannot remember his last name LOL) discussing that the Albino in hognose is very likely not a true T-neg type. It was a real interesting conversation up to the point where the thread got locked (long story there… :roll_eyes: )

Synopsis is that Albino hogs have a purple hue to their belly that, when combined with another mutation (I think it was a hypo but cannot recall which line it was), disappears leaving a white belly. This would indicate that there is some degree of low-level melanin being produced in the Albino and that adding the hypo mutation further removes that.

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The belly of my Albino is off colored suggesting some melanin but you get the red eyes and tongue like a true abino. The hypo I have has a toffee colored belly and a dark purple hue to the eyes and tongue. So it sounds like the belly might be a good indicator to identify the visual double. I should find out next year if the hets prove out.

Thanks for the input.

This is an interesting observation that went unnoticed by me. You kinda just blew my mind here. Thanks again.

It is fairly common to find “extreme” T-pos albino types that share this phenotype. If you look at the Lav and Candy/Toffee mutations in ball pythons or the Sharpe versus Kahl albinos in boas or the various different albino types in retics you will find that all of them have red-eyes

I cannot take credit for the observation, it was Stefan that brought it to my attention. But I am glad to be able to help out by passing the info on :+1:t4:

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