Visual identification of Kahl Sharp

I am thinking I might make a new sub group with the aim of reposting discussions and fights that i have seen in the facebook boa groups. It seems that every day out there I encounter some wild debates on boa constrictors. Today’s debate is called “ can you tell visually the difference between a Kahl and Sharp albino. “ ?
I saw a post where someone had posted their new sunglow and asked if it was indeed a sunglow and not just an albino.
Someone commented it was indeed an albino but no way to know it it was kahl or sharp. This began the fight as someone else commented that you can “ definitely tell the difference visually between a Kahl and a Sharp. “
I personally was not aware that there was a 100% way to know for sure just by visually looking. Some examples look more “obvious “ than others to me. Just wondering as to what people think about visual identification of albino boas.


For me, I think I can tell most Kahl and Sharp albinos apart. I will admit it’s just my opinion, and I have been wrong. I have been comparing them for as long as they have been around. I remember the first albino where $50,000

The only way to know for sure is to check with the breeder who produced them.

The Sharp just seems to stand out better in color to me. Especially with the new purple phase albinos / sunglows.

However, Kahl albinos / sunglows are getting just as nice looking as the Sharp now in some morphs. My Kahl sunglow motley jungles have a lot of purple in them.