Visual scaleless baby rescue

Hello! I have an opportunity to acquire and rescue a baby scaleless mojave boy. I am looking for a kind hearted mentor experienced with scaleless to take a look at his photos in a private format and give me independent insight into how serious his condition is and if it may be congenital. Thanks!

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I do not have personal experience with the morph (not one that interests me) but I have a couple friends with them. Feel free to shoot me a line if you like


Hello! Thanks so much! I believe he is just is having a bad shed cycle and the owners are learning on the fly, I just wouldn’t want to provide less than perfect care. Shedding issues just look particularly awful on scaleless I think. I am also pretty sure I am acquiring him. He is currently being treated competently while we wait for safe shipping. It looks to be an accidental injury for lack of a better term, rather than a genetic problem.

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