Visual X 50% het

I am very very new to the world of reptile genetics and got my first pair of Hognoses! They are great pets and I wasn’t particularly planning on breeding in the future but I am curious about what my genetic trait odds are if I did. I tried using the calculator on MM but didn’t see the option for 50% het.

I have a male visual lavender 50% het albino X a female visual albino 50% lavender.

I am wondering what my odds are for getting visual albino and visual lavender babies. I wasn’t sure how the 50% het got passed down.

Thank you in advance!!

I don’t know a lot about hognoses but i know about reptile genetics in general. An animal is either het for something or not. The percentages signify the chance that an un-proven animal carries the gene based on the parents. 100% means that one parent was a visual so it definitely passed the gene to the offspring. 66% means that both parents were hets, 1/4 in this pairing will be visuals, and 2/3 of the non-visuals will carry the gene so 66%. 50% means that one parent was het and one didn’t carry the gene, so there’s a 50/50 chance that the het-parent passed on the gene to the offspring, but it has to be bred to know whether or not it got it. So by breeding it to a visual you’re proving it out. If you get visual lavenders the female is het lavender, if you get visual albinos then the male is het albino. If you only get normals then neither of them are hets, but you’ll know that all the babies are het both albino and lavender (:


Thank you so much for breaking this down. This was really helpful!

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If you want the probabilities of each outcome it is a simple math problem. (It is possible that I can make simple math errors so there are calculators on the internet for this; you would just substitute the traits for coin flips but I did it the old fashioned way on paper)
These numbers are the odds that an unknown will occur NOT the numbers of each type of baby you would get. That is a different and easier math problem but you must know what the genotypes are, and we do not have that information yet.
As noted above, once you breed them you will know what you have and they will not be 50% het. They will each be 100% or 0% one or the other.

9 out of 16 you get Double hets
6 out of 16 you get either visual
3 out of 16 you get a specific visual
1 out of 16 you get the double visual (about 6%)

Think something is off with your math. Your probabilities add up to 19, not 16. Or it’s possible I’m missing something. Read this while leaving the house so just skimmed through

Nope. Math is fine. There are 16 possibilities.
It is 9:3:3:1
I added the 3+3=6 for the probability that you get Either albino OR Lavender, but not both as that was asked in the original post.