Vivarium VE-300x2 problem - need help

So I have a ve-300x2. I have 2 enclosures and also have thermometers in each enclosure next to the probes which are each positioned the same way relative to the RHP’s. Both probes show 90 degrees give or take however my thermometer shows 5-7 degrees higher in one enclosure. I put another thermometer in there and got the same reading so I don’t think my thermometers are off and believe it is either the probe or the thermostat itself. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what was the solution?


Are the enclosures stacked? If so it can increase the temp of the one on top. You can try swapping the probe plug ins to see if the temp change switches to the other enclosure.

How are you situating the probes? I try to have my probes just off to the side of the panel rather than directly under the rhp. For example i have one stack with the probe hanging about 4" below the panel surface right next to the rhp. Set to 82.8 which provides a good gradient and a hot spot beneath the panel at 90.


Thermostat, proves, cable Leigh, stacked, closer to door/window, and many other factors can cause this. It is best to test and take several temps over a few days. Then set it to what temps you are picking up, not what the thermostat says. (you may have it set at 90 but inside could be 86, if this happened, set it to 93 and see what the actual temp is) . This is common as anything including the equipment can be off some. Mine is set to 93 but inside temp is 87. The other is set to 96 but still have 87 inside temp.


The enclosures are stacked but it’s the bottom one that was overheating. The probes are just off of the edge of the RHP’s (towards center of the enclosures) on the floor. I just adjusted the temp down on the one to 84 degrees. Should actually get up to 90. I have a nice heat gradient from 90-92 warm side to 82 cool side. These are 4x2x1 pvc enclosures from AP. Thanks for the help! Just wondering though if the issue is in the probe or the thermostat itself? I also have a ve 300 (single) for an incubator which heats 1-2 degrees higher than what my thermometers read.

I truly believe that no matter matter what brand or ytpe you use, you will never get a perfect match from the reading and actual temp. There are two many factors that can cause them not to match, including the actual calculation of the units themselves. As long as you take a reading with another source and adjust to keep it set accordingly. Sounds like you are in the right track.