VPI Axanthic Sulfur Fire

I’ve had the parents for years. Produced several clutches with them. First time I hit any axanthic stuff. Forgot they were purchased as a Het and Pos Het. Last pic is a normal Sulfur Fire.

This is a great teaching aid in explaining what Axanthic does in BPs.


Wow!!! This thing is amazing! One of the nicest hatchlings I’ve seen this year! Keep up the good work. I haven’t worked with sulfur but it seems like it reacts to fire the same way disco does. I was under the impression that sulfur made all white snakes. I’ve seen were the sulfur made a bit of color or pattern. But nothing like the non axanthic that’s a screamer in its own right. Very nice stuff!


Thank you!

Sulfur x Sulfur and Sulfur x Fire make these high pattern BlkEL. Obviously it’s a 66% het until it proves it but the reason that Sulfur Fire has a full dorsal stripe is the Het VPI showing. When they don’t have other genes in the mix they look more like a pied. This is a 3-4 year old male I produced with no other genes at play than Sulfur Fire

I have a friend who has some RDR line fire stuff (desert lemon I think they call it) The supers are really high yellow like the one below but there is none of the black/purple speckling in that line.


This guy is super nice to. I work with disco and they will make the pied looking snakes as well. I didn’t realize sulfur had this dramatic of an effect. I thought it was just another line of fire. Lol looks like I was wrong!


Those are some awesome looking snakes! I have some Sulfur Fires as well, and I was not expecting the pattern that showed up on this baby (pictured below). The other 2 that I got from the clutch looked more like typical Super Fires, but they could have either Butter, Mojave, or possibly both in them so that might have gotten rid of the pattern.

I hope that you don’t mind me asking, but do you think that Sulfur in it’s single gene form can be identified as different from Fire, or is it sorta like Asphalt and Yellow Belly where they look almost exactly the same by themselves?


Based on the ones I’ve produced over the last several years I think the snake pictured may have another gene. The pattern is more messy than they normally come out.

You can differentiate adults no problem but it can be tough in multi gene snakes when they’re small. Sulfur will have brown undertones in all the areas that fire has yellow/green undertones.