W & Y, Lemon Frost, and/or NDBE- Anybody have one?

W & Y, Lemon Frost, and NDBE are leopard gecko morphs that are acknowledged to have associated health risks. I’m not posting to debate ethics about any of them (or Enigmas- they’re better understood already)- not interested in drama. Rather, I would really love to hear peoples’ personal experiences with them. Keeping or breeding- I am interested from an intellectual perspective. I would also love to see pictures!

For example, if you have a Lemon Frost- has it developed tumors? How old is it? Have you noticed any variance in terms of tumor development with the addition of pigment-reducing morphs, like Mack Snow or an Albino strain? How about with regards to sex/breeding status? Has anyone ever seen, in person, a Super Lemon Frost? What did it look like, what was its behavior?

With W & Y, I’d like to hear details about the neuro signs displayed, if any. Are they similar to the signs of Enigma Syndrome, or distinctly different? If anyone has ever handled an animal that is both Enigma and W &Y, were there any unusual characteristics noted?

With NDBE I’m interested in hearing about effects on fertility, and ocular anatomy. Has anyone seen (in person, first hand) an NDBE that does not have deformed eyes or eyelids? (That reminds me- one of these days I need to make a post about BAE/Marble Eyes/Eclipse/NDBE discussion…)

Maybe the best way to phrase it, just in general, is that I’m looking for health data from others that have reliable, first-hand experience with these potentially deleterious morphs. I want to hear stories from owners of these animals, so I can better understand the associated health conditions. Any obviously abnormal anatomy, behavior, etc. Maybe it’s the dvm in me, but I’m incredibly curious.


I have a white and yellow leopard gecko that I got and she shows absolutely no effects at all, she behaves and looks just like any other leopard gecko.


Very interesting! I’ve never seen a W & Y in person, nor heard many details about them. It makes me curious as to what changes can occur, and why expression is variable! Meaning, if it’s something related to the cerebellum, cranial nerves, or inner ear, etc., and how development is affected.

Also makes me wonder how Enigma, W & Y, and Vermillon (European morph) compare in terms of potential effects, how they could interact, and their cause. I have a Stealth (morph with Enigma in), and he has the neuro signs I’ve read as being typical of Enigma Syndrome. Anybody with experience know how the origins and/or symptoms differ between these three morphs?

Thanks for sharing! I love learning about this sort of thing! :+1: