Waiting for babies... Fingers crossed

With the way this good economy is, I scaled back my pairings, and this is the only litter I’m having.

I’m expecting babies in about a month, but of course the record keeping slacked this year, so that is a pretty loose guess.
Mom is an IMG Hypo Jungle, het anery 50% albino.

Here are some old pics, and a newer vid of her on the heat.

She was paired witha Sunglow, 50% stripe.
Kind of hoping to see an albino pop out. lol

Here are some of the dad.

A interesting fact I just realized while grabbing some pics of this guy, he is the first boa I ever pulled out of Goo! :slight_smile:


Both boas are gorgeous, and I hope your female proves out to be het albino for you. I’m looking forward to seeing all the babies.

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I am wanting to see some babies!!!

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Still no babies… I’m starting to get anxious, and I’m going in the snake room and checking several times a day now. lol

I’ve been hoping with all the storms rolling through she would drop during one of them, but so far no luck!

The lesson is keep better records! haha

Although this girl never gave a POS… so that always makes it harder.

She is still spending most of the time on the heat, she is temping around 86/87, the floor around her is temping around 89… so as far as I can tell everything is looking good…


Look what I found.


They proved out!!! Congratulations!

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Yeah, verry ironic the first baby I pulled from under all the paper is an albino.

Got pretty good numbers I think.
There were 14, 1 didn’t make it, and a few slugs… I think 3/4 but could have missed some in the paper. I don’t really keep track of slugs. All that matters is those aren’t the majority. lol

5 are albino.
I don’t think the still born was albino, but not 100% on that.
That animal seemed way bigger then it should have been. Like 30/40 percent longer at least.

I have a perfect male for her for her next breeding in a year or 2. I’ll finally have a good chance to make snows and moonglows finally.
That’s been a combo I’ve wanted to produce for years, but keeps proving harder and harder. lol


Here is a quick vid taken with most babies still in the cage.
Not the normal camera person, so no clue how good the vid is, but maybe you guys see something good. :slight_smile:


Congratulations, they look nice. I see the hypo is a jungle, too. I’m glad mom turned out to het albino for you. Please post more pictures of all the babies.


Yes! Please do! Love me some baby boa pictures!

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