Waitlist question [3138]

Ah! Thanks for the clarification. I tried to do some googling but was getting info about certain types of websites crashing providing users with a yellow screen of death. Understandable why you wouldn’t want that!


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I like where your head is on this. If only :rofl: :rofl:

Agreed i think a change in the verbiage may help not confuse people into thinking they just offered to pay $xxx amount for said animal.


Just to kind of play devils advocate here. What’s to stop a breeder from just saying okay, well I’ll just take their max offer? If that makes sense.

Edited to add: regardless of saying I’ll pay $x vs I’ll pay up to $x, you’re basically saying you’ll pay $x at the end of the day. So is it really any different?

Then on the other hand, why shouldn’t the breeder be able to? If someone wants to offer more than market value to ensure they get it, let them, right?


This basically encapsulates my initial feedback. The waitlist systems as it currently exists creates an auction system. And Im cool with the idea of an auction system given some of the stuff I will be making the next couple years, but as a buyer if I waitlist an animal its an expression of interest and the expectation is there is a rank ordered way of having the opportunity to purchase an animal (not a guarantee). Create a standalone “Bid on this animal” for active animals and allow sellers to offer that if they are inclined. Auctions have their own challenges but as OP found out, the budget option being mandatory as a part of the “Waitlist” feature led to him being blocked.


Let me start by saying, if I have to list my budget as a buyer, or have budgets coming in as a seller, I would not use this option.

As a seller, the temptation would be to high in accepting a budget request or pricing higher do to seeing high budgets. It is not fair to the seller or the market.

As a buyer, I can easily list anything as my budget since there is no proof of having this budget. I can do this to show how interested I am or just to try and drive the price up on something I really don’t want. On the reverse side, I can list a very small budget (as suggested above) to try and get or keep the price down and pretty much get it at a steal. This would not be fair to the seller and might even stop others from breeding that kind as it will not bring in the expected price.

As I stated, I would not use this so none of this could effect me in any way.
I have had to think both ways in my past jobs, so it is easy for me to see good and bad in all situations. This has no relationship to who or how I actually do things. Just how I was trained to see things. To stop a criminal, you need to think as a criminal, type of work.

The “budget” option, or any price listing option is a bad idea on many levels. Just my two cents.


I think in theory the waitlist has a lot of potential, but also a lot of pitfalls that could come up. As a seller and buyer I see good and bad. Lining up customers for snakes or anything else isn’t a bad thing but the buyers also need to keep in mind they may not receive anything as well. We all know this is all an odds game when breeding and sometimes the odds are in our favor and sometimes not. And even if a specific animal is hit, it could still be a hold back and not be sold anyhow. I understand the “budget” could be a useful tool but could also muddy the list process. To me when I’m posting something I go by the first come, first served if multiple inquiries are received. If a budget was included in that I could easily see some sellers then just taking the highest bid and not honoring the first person accepting the posted price and letting people buy out from under others and I feel like this very scenario will happen on the waitlist as it currently sits. Even if a person is top of the list if someone else has a higher budget, they will in turn get the snake even if they got in the game way later. That to me ruins the intention of the list and will cause a lot of frustrations for the people involved.
I’m in no way trying to bash this new feature, I think the constant innovation and evolution of MorphMarket is awesome and I’m sure this feature will evolve as well. MorphMarket has already shown a lot of us that our feedback is listened to and incorporated into features.
I think maybe a better way to use the budget would be for sellers to be able to set the “budget” for the animal once it’s produced and see if anyone on the list drops out/off. This price could be seen by the entire list and then it could stay first come, first right to accept or refuse and the seller could move down the list until all available were gone. It’s fair to the sellers and buyers that way with less chance of manipulation. It’s what other markets do like dog breeders with their waitlists. Might not be perfect but maybe a step in the right direction.


Hear, hear. I absolutely agree.